Collinite 476S – Super Doublecoat Auto Wax Review

Collinite 476s Wax

In this review, we take a look at Collinite 476s – Super Doublecoat Auto Wax. Spoiler alert – we think it’s absolutely fantastic and delivers unprecedented value for money!

Who are Collinite?

Collinite are a US based company with a reputation established over many years for producing car care and detailing products that deliver astonishing price versus performance ratios.

Established in 1936, Charles H Collins became disillusioned with car care products available in retail stores which were being charged at extortionate rates.

Collins embarked upon creating better products at more affordable prices – a mantra that Collinite still pride themselves on today.

What’s included in the package?

1 x 266ml tin of Collinite 476s Double Coat Wax.

How do I apply Collinite 476s?

Application of Collinite 476s wax is really simple and straight forward with the age old caveat, everything is in the prep.

A word of warning – it’s really important to apply 476s in thin, even coats. If you apply too much to a panel and allow it to cure, it can be really difficult to remove.

Have you read our comprehensive guide on how to safely wash your car and also how to safely dry your car? It’ll provide with you some great information on the all important first steps of applying a wax to your pride and joy

  • Begin wetting your chosen wax applicator of choice and then thoroughly wringing it out
  • Load your applicator pad up with a really sparing amount of wax, less is definitely more here.
  • Begin applying the wax to your first panel applying light pressure in a circular motion.
  • Allow the panel to cure to a haze, this usually takes around 5-10 minutes (depending on weather conditions)
  • Once fully cured, buff to a high shine with a fresh, clean microfibre cloth ensuring that all wax is removed.

Can I use Collinite 476s on wheels?

Yes, you can. Whilst there are dedicated wheel sealants available for this very task, a good quality wax will do the job too.

As we highlighted earlier, if you’re planning on applying wax to your alloy wheels, it’s really important to ensure that the surface is prepared properly.

Thoroughly clean your wheels with your wheel cleaner of choice, ensuring that all traces of tar and iron fallout are removed.

Once your wheels are clean and dry, begin applying the wax to the wheels in light, circular motions. Allow to dry to a haze and buff to a high shine with a fresh, clean microfibre cloth.

Top tip: Once you’ve applied a wax to your wheels, do not use an acidic based wheel cleaner to clean your wheels the following week. Doing this will strip the wax from the wheels entirely rendering your hard work a week earlier wasted.

The big benefit to applying a car wax to your alloy wheels is that brake dust will clean off the surface much easier and therefore a strong, acidic based wheel cleaner isn’t required. A good car shampoo should do the job just fine.

Can I layer Collinite 476s?

Yes, you can. Because 476s doesn’t contain any abbraisives, it’s perfectly fine to apply multiple layers. Some recommend waiting 24 hours between coats, however, 476s doesn’t contain any polymers or synthetics so therefore should be to layer within an hour or so of initial application.

Pros and Cons


  • Amazing value for money. One tin will last for lots of applications
  • Easy to apply and work with
  • Superb water beading results and impressive glossy, shiny results


  • Can be extremely difficult to apply if applied too heavily and/or in direct sunlight


Collinite claim a period of up to 12 months durability from initial application. It’s important to note that there are some key factors which can affect this, as with all waxes.

  1. It’s imperative that your car is prepared correctly prior to application
  2. Ensure that your car is completely contaminant free. Applying a wax on a car which still contains contaminants can seriously reduce the lifespan of the wax and also affect performance from the initial application.
  3. Always follow the manufacturers instructions to ensure maximum peformance.


In summary, we think this is one of the best value for money waxes around. It only takes a quick glance at the tin and packaging to understand that this is a completely gimmick free, retro product. The packaging gives off an impression of a solid, trustworthy company heaped in years of experience.

Whilst initially it may appear underwhelming and not as easy on the eye as other waxes, you’ll soon forget about that as you begin to work with the wax.

Collinite 476s delivers astonishing performance at an extremely affordable price point, something that we love.

With a claimed durability of up to 12 months, a 266ml tin used sparingly as instructed will last you years and cover many cars during that time.

A really bonus and plus point for 476s is the gloss levels it provides. Again, the packaging can be misleading and somewhat lower your expecations but rest assured, 476s can create a shine and gloss like many higher end waxes.

Just so you know, we may earn a small commission through the links on this page but we think that’s a fair trade off for the hours research and time that we put in.

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