Autoglym Ultra HD Wax Review

Autoglym Ultra HD Wax

In this review, we take a look at Autoglym Ultra HD (High Definition) wax

Who are Autoglym?

Autoglym are a British based car care and valeting company.

Established in the mid 60’s, Autoglym have built up a reputation for providing a range of excellent products such as waxes, shampoos, quick detailers, polishes and many more.

Found in 1965 Dennis Barley, Autoglym began producing 11 products initially. They featured sealants, polishes, interior cleaners, engine cleaners, degreasers to name a few.

Fast foward to now and Autogylm curently manufacture well in excess of 50 car care products, they certainly know their stuff.

Autoglym currently hold two royal warrants in the UK as car care suppliers – not many can lay claim to that!.

What’s included in the package?

1 x 150ml pot of Autogylm Ultra HD wax

2 x Applicator pads

1 x Microfibre buffing towel

The inclusion of two applicator pads and microfibre towel is always nice to see. Autoglym provide the applicator pads in a sealed package to allow for keeping them damp before use.

How do I apply Autoglym Ultra HD Wax?

Application of Autogylm’s Ultra HD wax is relatively simple and straight forward with the age old caveat, everything is in the prep.

Have you read our comprehensive guide on how to safely wash your car and also how to safely dry your car? It’ll provide with you some great information on the all important first steps of applying a wax to your pride and joy

  • Dampen the white side of the applicator pad and dab it lightly into the pot of wax.
  • Begin applying the wax to your first panel applying light pressure in a circular motion.
  • Allow the panel to cure to a haze, allow for around 10-15 minutes for this.
  • Once fully cured, buff to a high shine with the supplied microbire towel ensuring that all wax is removed completely.

Can I use Autogylm Ultra HD wax on wheels?

Autoglym Ultra HD wax can be used on wheels.

Whilst there are dedicated wheel sealants available for this very task, a good quality wax will do the job too.

As we highlighted earlier, if you’re planning on applying wax to your alloy wheels, it’s really important to ensure that the surface that you’re coating is prepared properly.

Thoroughly clean your wheels with your wheel cleaner of choice, ensuring that all traces of tar and iron fallout are removed.

Once your wheels are clean and dry, begin applying the wax to the wheels in light, circular motions. Allow to dry to a haze and buff to a high shine with a fresh, clean microfibre cloth.

Top tip: Once you’ve applied a wax to your wheels, do not use an acidic based wheel cleaner to clean your wheels the following week. Doing this will strip the wax from the wheels entirely rendering your hard work a week earlier wasted.

The big benefit to applying a car wax to your alloy wheels is that brake dust will clean off the surface much easier and therefore a strong, acidic based wheel cleaner isn’t required. A good car shampoo should do the job just fine.

Can I layer Autoglym Ultra HD Wax?

Autoglym Ultra HD wax can be layered.

Applying a second coat of Ultra HD wax will not likely result in increased gloss levels, however it will ensure absolute maximum coverage.

Because UHD wax doesn’t contain any abbraisives, it’s perfectly fine to apply multiple layers. Some recommend waiting 24 hours between coats, however, UHD wax doesn’t contain any polymers or synthetics so therefore should be to layer within an hour or so of initial application.


Autoglym claim a period of up to several months durability from initial application.

It’s important to note that there are some key factors which can affect this, as with all waxes.

  1. It’s imperative that your car is prepared correctly prior to application
  2. Ensure that your car is completely contaminant free. Applying a wax on a car which still contains contaminants can seriously reduce the lifespan of the wax and also affect performance from the initial application.
  3. Always follow the manufacturers instructions to ensure maximum peformance.

Pros and Cons


  • Impressive durability
  • It’s really easy to remove if applied correctly
  • Extremely well presented and premium feeling packaging
  • Impressive water beading results and gloss levels


  • Expensive when compared with alternative waxes
  • Fairly small size pot when compared to alternatives


In summary, Autoglym Ultra HD wax is a really impressive wax. It delivers extremely impressive gloss levels and great water repellency and scores highly for it’s easy of use.

The biggest issue for UHD wax is it’s price tag. It’s more than double the price of Collinite 476s and Bilt-Hamber Double Speed Wax. We have reviewed both of those brilliant waxes, check them out below

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