Bilt-Hamber Double Speed Wax Review

Bilt-Hamber Double Speed Wax

In this review we take a look at Bilt-Hamber Double Speed wax. DSW is renowned for it’s execeptional value for money and superb results that it delivers.

Who are Bilt-Hamber?

Bilt-Hamber are a UK based company who specialise in producing high quality automotive products at affordable prices.

They produce a varied spread of products, ranging from Clay bars to waxes and etch primers to shampoos.

Bilt-Hamber pride themselves on using innovative chemistry techniques along with extensive research to produce superb performing products.

What’s included in the package?

  • A 250ml tin of Bilt-Hamber Double Speed Wax
  • One microfibre cloth
  • One applicator pad

At this price point, the inclusion of a microfibre cloth and an applicator pad is a really nice, surprising touch. The microfibre is of good quality and the applicator pad provides a nice, medium to firm pad to apply the wax with. It can be quite frustrating when purchasing a wax only to get home and realise there isn’t an applicator pad and cloth included, you’ll have no such issues with this wax.

It’s really refreshing this day in age to purchase a product that gives you absolutely everything you need to get the job done. All too often we purchase items which unfortunately then require additional items to get them up and running. This is a nice touch from Bilt-Hamber and one that certainly didn’t go un-noticed to us.

How Do I Apply Bilt-Hamber Double Speed-Wax?

Application of double-speed wax is really simple and straight forward with the age old caveat, everything is in the prep. Have you read our comprehensive guide on how to safely wash your car and also how to safely dry your car? It’ll provide with you some great information on the all important first steps of applying a wax to your pride and joy

Once you’ve got a clean, contaminant free car to work with, you can begin applying your wax.

The first step is to ensure you aren’t working in direct sunlight. This can result in the wax being baked on the panel which could then result in it being extremely difficult to remove – always avoid this.

  • Start wetting your applicator pad and wringing it our thoroughly, The wax works best with a damp pad rather than a dry one.
  • Load your applicator pad up with a sparing amount of wax and begin applying it in light, circular motions to your first panel. Ensure you’ve got the entire panel covered and allow it to dry to a haze – this usually takes around 5-10 minutes depending on weather conditions
  • Buff to a high shine ensuring that all wax is completely removed and none is left behind. Use the provided microfibre cloth being sure to turn it frequently.

Pros and Cons


  • Superb water beading results
  • Low price point
  • Inlcuded microfibre cloth and applicator pad
  • Excellent durability
  • Winner of the Autoexpress 2018 “Wax of the year” award


  • It can be difficult to remove if applied too heavily

Can I Wash And Re-use The Applicator Pad And Microfibre Cloth?

Yes, you can. You can wash them both as normal in your washing machine but don’t use any fabric conditioner. Using fabric conditioner / softener can cause the microfiber cloth to degrade and not perform as well. It’s best to wash them on a fairly low temperature, washing the cloth on too hot of a temperature will cause the cloth to shrink and become disformed.

Can I Use Bilt-Hamber Double-Speed Wax On Wheels?

Yes, you can. Whilst there are dedicated wheel sealants available for this very task, a good quality wax will do the job too.

As we highlighted earlier, if you’re planning on applying wax to your alloy wheels, it’s really important to ensure that the surface is prepared properly.

Thoroughly clean your wheels with your wheel cleaner of choice, ensuring that all traces of tar and iron fallout are removed.

Once your wheels are clean and dry, begin applying the wax to the wheels in light, circular motions. Allow to dry to a haze and buff to a high shine with a fresh, clean microfibre cloth.

Top tip: Once you’ve applied a wax to your wheels, do not use an acidic based wheel cleaner to clean your wheels the following week. Doing this will strip the wax from the wheels entirely rendering your hard work a week earlier wasted.

The big benefit to applying a car wax to your alloy wheels is that brake dust will clean off the surface much easier and therefore a strong, acidic based wheel cleaner isn’t required. A good car shampoo should do the job just fine.


In summary, you really can’t go wrong with Bilt-Hamber Double Speed Wax. It’s priced extremely aggressively from a brand that you can trust. It’s really simply and straight forward to work with and will do everything you need a car wax to do.

It really feels like the aim here was simple – create an easy to use, long lasting, highly hydrophobic wax.

It repells water unbelieveably well, you’ll find yourself questioning how such performance is possible from a product priced so low.

Double Speed wax is comprised of various polymers and high grade T1 carnauba, it’s the aforementioned polymers that enhance it’s durability properties and water repelling abilities.

You could spend hundreds of pounds more on an alternative wax from more stellar brands and in some cases, there may be a justification for doing so. However in our opinion, Bilt-Hamber Double Speed Wax will be more than good enough for the average person’s needs.

Just so you know, we may earn a small commission through the links on this page but we think that’s a fair trade off for the hours research and time that we put in.

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