Best Magnetic Phone Holders For Cars (Review and Buying Guide)

Best Magnetic Phone Holders

If you often use your phone in the car, a magnetic phone holder is a great investment. Currently, you may dump your mobile phone in one of your cup holders, in the door card pockets, in between your legs etc. All of these scenarios present a potentially dangerous situation when your phone gets a call or a notification.

Besides the obvious danger of scrabbling around trying to locate your phone, it’s also extremely inconvenient when trying to see the screen of your phone when using it for satellite navigations instructions etc.

Using a magnetic phone holder is a great way of counteracting these problems and provides a simple, convenient way to use your mobile phone in a safe manner.

What are the benefits of using a magnetic phone holder?


The biggest benefit of a magnetic phone holder is the additional safety it provides to yourself and other road users. Using a magnetic phone holder attached to your air vents or dashboard means that you’re much less likely to take your eyes off the road due to the positioning of your phone, thus keeping yourself and others safe whilst driving.

Charging your phone

Another big benefit of using a magnetic phone holder is the ability to easily charge your phone whilst in the car. We spend a lot of time in our cars and it’s a great opportunity to get a bit of additional charge into your phone. Without using a phone holder, your phone would just be tossed into a space without being charged up.

Knowing where your phone is

How many times have you gotten out of your car only to realise you’ve left your mobile phone behind? Cue frantic scrambling trying to locate it, it could be in the glovebox, armrest, door card pockets, down the side of the seats etc. A magnetic phone holder removes all of these stresses. Simply get in, attach your phone to the holder and away you go, safe in the knowledge that you know exactly where your phone is.

Make and receive calls easily whilst on the go

A magnetic phone holder allows you to easily accept incoming calls whilst driving, and also make outgoing calls too. Because your mobile phone is in a much more convenient, easy to reach location, it’s much easier to make and receive calls.

Using your phone as a satellite navigation device

Not all of our cars have satellite navigation installed, using your phone as a sat nav is a great alternative and solution to the problem. When using navigation software, it’s really important to have your phone in a location that allows you to easily see the instructions. Using a magnetic phone holder allows you to position your phone in a perfect place to best see the guidance.

Key considerations when choosing a magnetic phone holder

There are a wide variety of magnetic phone holders available. We think the following are the most important things to consider when choosing your holder

Mounting Position

It’s important to choose a holder that best suits your vehicle. For example, you may decide to purchase a phone holder that clips onto your car air vents, or you may decide to purchase one that attaches to your dashboard.

You’ll need to have a think on which option will provide you with the most comfortable and useable experience.

The location of the air vents will differ between cars and therefore in certain cars, the air vents may not be the best location for a phone holder. In this circumstance, it would be best to purchase a holder which attaches to either the dashboard or the windscreen.

Magnet Strength

A key consideration. It’s important to make sure that the magnets are going to be strong enough to keep your phone supported. Many mobile phones cost in excess of a thousand pounds these days, it goes without saying that it’s important to ensure that it’s safely secured.


Some magnetic phone holders feature the ability to manipulate the holder into various positions, amending their height and reach etc. It’s an important consideration as you need the phone to be as accesible and reachable as possible.


It may sound like an obvious consideration, but it’s really important to make sure that whichever magnetic phone holder you decide to buy, it’s compatible with your mobile phone. Make sure that the dimensions of the mount align with your mobile phone to ensure it’s going to fit.

Can the magnets harm my phone?

It’s safe to say that magnets and electronic items have not always been the best of friends, however, a magnetic mobile phone holder will not harm your phone. The hard drive inside your mobile phone is based on SSD technology (Solid State Drive), which is completely unaffected magnets. In fact, Apple’s iPhone 12’s feature magnets built into the phone to work with a range of their MagSafe accessories.

Our top pick magnetic phone holders

Best overall

Yosh Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder

  • Features four N50 magnets which provide a strong connection
  • Soft rubber silicon construction to prevent scratches to your phone
  • One handed use – allows for one handed removal of your phone
  • wide compatability range – works with a multitude of phones
  • Great price

You can also purchase the Yosh Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder in a twin pack which reduces the cost even further

Runner up

Getihu Magnetic Phone Holder

  • Features four built in N52 Magnets
  • Wonderfully Simplistic – No clamps to content with
  • Super strong adhesion pads
  • Wide compatability range – works with a multitude of phones
  • Great price

Alternative pick

Syncwire Car Phone Holder

  • Crafted from a solid alloy body and features a soft silicon surface
  • Freely adjustable ball joint system
  • Strong magnet construction
  • Great customer support

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