The Best Night Driving Glasses To Buy (Review and Buying Guide)

Best Night Driving Glasses

Difficulty with your vision whilst driving at night time is an all too common occurence and can be extremely dangerous for yourself and other road users. Almost all modern cars are now fitted with high powered LED headlights which do a brilliant job of lighting up the road ahead for the driver, but they can often cause severe glare for oncoming drivers. This is where night time driving glasses can make a huge diffefence and transform your night driving experience.

We take a look at the best glasses to buy, explore their differences and assess why their benefits are.

Let’s jump straight in, here are our top pick night driving glassses;

1. Bloomoak HD Night Vision Driving Glasses

A completely 100% polarized yellow tinted lense, the Bloomoak HD night vision driving glassess offer exceptional performance and incredible value for money. The polarized lenses actively reduce glare from oncoming vehicle headlights and other reflective surfaces such as road signs etc.

They are extremely lightweight at only 29g which makes them supremely comfortable to wear and the HD lenses actively increase clarity of text and road signs. They also feature a trendy frameless design which makes them extremely modern looking and stylish.

They can also be used for a range of different applications such as walking, hiking etc which adds superb versatility.

The Bloomoak HD Night Vision Driving Glasses offer protection from harmful UV rays providing UV400 protection and also blocks against UVA and UVB radiation.

Included in the package is

1 x Anti-Glare Night Vision Glasses

1 x Microfiber Glasses Care Pouch*1

1 x Designed Soft Glasses Cloth

1 x Glasses Case

1 x Polarized Light Test Card

The key features of the Bloomoak HD Night Vision Driving Glasses are;

  • 100% Polarized Yellow Tint Lenses
  • UV400 Protection
  • Lightweight and Comfortable – 29g
  • Modern and Stylish Design
  • Adjustable Temples

2. Boolavard Night Sight Night Driving Glasses

Available in a choice of yellow or grey lenses, the Boolavard Night Sight Night Driving Glasses provide superb UV protection and can significantly enhance night time driving.

A soft black microfibre drawstring sunglasses pouch is included to protect the glasses and also doubles as a cleaning cloth,

The Boolavard Night Sight Night Driving Glasses not only filter harmful UV rays, but polarize the light which can drastically reduce glare from oncoming headlights.

Designed as an over glasses item, they’ll easily fit over the top of existing spectacles without discomfort or interruption.

Boolavard offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee for added peace of mind.

The key features of the Boolavard Night Sight Night Driving Glasses are;

  • Extremely lightweight and flexible construction
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime breakage warranty
  • Available in yellow or grey lense options
  • Can be worn over exisiting spectacles

3. Zillerate Polarised Night Driving Glasses

These TAC polarised lenses offer extreme eye protection when driving at night time thanks to their impressive features. They offer UV400 protection and actively filter out harmful light to keep you focused and relaxed whilst driving.

These glasses feature Zillerate’s TR90 frame setup which feature premium rubber padding to provide maximum comfort. They are extremely lightweight too, weighing only 24g.

A robust and anti scratch coating on the lenses offers great durability and longevity.

They feature a stylish and modern, minamilist design and can also be used for a range of other applications such as walking and hiking.

Zillerate pride themselves on their customer service qualities and offer a 30-day ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee PLUS 1-Year free replacement warranty for failures.

Included in the package is;

1 x TAC Night Driving Glasses

1 x Stylish Hard Shell Case & Clip

1 x Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

The key features of the Zillerate Polarised Night Driving Glasses are;

  • Anti Glare and UV protection
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Robust construction
  • Anti Scratch construction
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • 30 day Money back guarantee

What Are Night Driving Glasses?

Night driving glasses are glasses that have been specifically designed and formulated to combat bright and powerful lights from causing glare for oncoming drivers.

Driving at night time can be extremely demanding and draining on your eyes due to the constant glare from oncoming vehicle headlights. As we touched on earlier, almost all modern cars either use high powered LED headlights, or gas powered Xenon headlights. Whilst the two technologies provide superb night time road coverage for the driver, they can cause extreme glare and damage to other road users eyes. This is where night time driving glasses come in, they have a specially formulated polarised lense which will actively repel the glare from the high powered headlights. They are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to ensure minimal distraction to the driver.

According to official statistics, almost 3/4 of drivers claim to suffer with glare from bright headlights when driving at night. Not only can this be dangerous, but it can also impact on your health causing headaches and even worse, migraines. If you’re a frequent night time driver, night driving glasses may transform your driving experience and ensure you are kept safe whilst on the road.

What Are The Benefits of Night Driving Glasses?

Safety – One of the the biggest benefits of night driving glasses is the added safety that they provide to yourself and other road users. Night driving glasses actively filter out bright and powerful headlight glare which in turn allows you to keep your eyes firmly on the road ahead and not become dazzled. The result of this is that you and other road users are kept safe whilst on the roads.

Health Benefits – If you drive at night time often, you may suffer with frequent headaches and migraines due to the strain that oncoming headlights can cause on your eyes. Eye strain is one of the biggest causes of headaches and migraines and can be extremely painful and also dangerous when driving. Night driving glasses offer UV protection and actively filter the harmful light which will reduce strain on your eyes and in turn reduce headaches and migraines.

Increased Vision – Some night driving glasses can help improve your vision due to their crisp HD lense construction. This can help when reading road and traffic signs and reduce strain on your eye sight.

Considerations When Buying Night Driving Glasses

When buying night driving glasses, be sure to consider the following important points

Nose Pads – Be sure to purchase a pair of night driving glasses which include comfortable nose pads. Some cheaper glasses won’t have rubber nose pads and after a while, the hard plastic will dig into the skin on your nose and can cause bruising and irritation. A good quality pair of night driving glasses will feature a comfortable, rubber nose pad which will provide comfort for the duration of wearing them.

Carry Case – Some night driving glasses will include a handy carry case to store them in and keep them safe whilst not in use. We think this is a nice touch and helps keep things tidy and also reduces the risk of the glasses being damaged.

Style / Design – Night driving glasses come in a whole host of different designs and styles, it’s important to pick a pair that you’ll be comfortable sporting. Some may feature a miminalist “Aviator” style design, whereas some may feature a more traditional thicker “Ski” type design.

UV Protection and Glare Protection – Be sure to check what level of UV protection and glare protection the glasses provide, after all, this is the primary function of the item so it’s important to consider this.

Warranty – Some manufacturers will offer a more extensive warranty period than others, whilst some manufacturers even offer a replacement period for damaged items.

Price – When making any purchase, price is a key consideration. It may be worth considering how often you’re going to be using the glasses. If you’re likely to be using them extensively, it may be worth while stepping up to a slightly more expensive model. Likewise, if you’re only going to be wearing them very sparingly, a budget option may suit you.

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