The Best Motorcycle Gloves (Review and Buying Guide)

Best Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are an essential item for any rider but with so many available, it can be difficult to decide which to go for. We take a look at the best gloves available and explain the differences between them.

Motorcycle gloves are designed primarily to keep your hands protected whilst riding your motorcycle. They do this with the use of extremely durable and strong materials which work together to keep you safe.

Let’s jump right in and take a look at our best picks;

1. Cotop Motorcycle Gloves

The Cotop motorcycle gloves represent incredible value for money and superb performance. They feature palm reinforcement which is designed to protect against impact and abrasion and provide maximum palm protection. The safety features don’t stop there, rugged padding and re-inforced knuckle covers add additional protection.

Adjustable velcro allows for the rider to ensure that the gloves are a comfortable fit at all times and they also feature vents which allows your hands to breathe whilst riding. For convenience they also feature a loop design at the bottom, which allows for attaching the gloves to your packpack and keeping them conveniently at hand for outdoor activities.

The Cotop motorcylce gloves also feature touch screen technology which allows for the use of smartphones without the need for removing the gloves to interact with your phone. Extreme convenience.

In summary, the Cotop motorcyle gloves are rugged built with reinforced palm, knuckle padding, double stitching and strong velcro, intended for heavy use as motorcycle gloves, outdoor gloves and work gloves.

The key features of the Cotop motorcycle gloves are;

  • Knuckle padding protection
  • Reinforced PU layer palm area and fingertips
  • Elastic spandex material and adjustable wrist Velcro
  • Breathable vent design
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Loop design at bottom
  • Touch screen compatible


2. Evo Leather Motorcycle Gloves

The Evo leather motorcycle gloves are an extremely capable and versatile motorcycle glove. They are constructed from genuine leather and are completely waterproof for those rainy days. Their construction means that they are extremely warm in the cold winter months.

They feature additional leather knuckle protection which provides outstanding protection and are also stretchable for maximum comfort. Air vents allow for cooling of your hands and mean that they can be worn even during the summer months.

The Evo leather motorcycle gloves provide strong knuckle protection due to their excellent construction and velcro fasteners add comfort and compatability with all riders. An elasticated wrist section further adds to this.

A particularly nice touch with these gloves is the inclusion of a free pair of inner gloves for added warmth and protection.

The key features of the Evo Leather Motorcycle Gloves are;

  • Genuine leather
  • Waterproof
  • Knuckle protection
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Free pair of inner gloves includes
  • Velcro fasteners


3. GearX Black Winter Waterproof Leather Gloves

Made from genuine cowhide leather, the GearX leather weatherproof gloves provide great performance and protection. Rider safety is of paramount importance and these gloves fully embrace that featuring a protective shell at the knuckle area, padded fingers and a padded patch on the palm area.

A Thinnsulate Layer ensures that your hands are kept warm in winter, whilst a Hipora layer ensures the gloves are waterproof. They also feature double Stitching on all main seems and strong knuckle protection. An elasticated wrist section allows for the rider to wear the gloves in their most comfortable setting.

An anti slip palm covering allows for maximum great and these gloves also feature a reflective lining across the knuckle are for enhanced road visibility and safety. Finally, the leather edges are turned outwards for maximum control whilst riding.

The key features of the GearX Black Winter Waterproof Leather Gloves are;

  • Made from 100% genuine cowhide leather
  • Protective shell at knuckle area
  • Knuckle protection
  • Padded Fingers and patch for grip on palm area
  • Thinsulate inner layer and Hipora outer layer for waterproofing
  • Reflective area for added visibility and safety


4. OroBiker Winter Motorcycle Gloves

The OroBiker motorcycle gloves feature an impressive range of safety and comfort features whilst representing superb value for money. Made of high quality leather, polyester and microfiber for increased performance, longevity and comfort. Inside the gloves is a 3M THINSULATE 40g layer which provides warmth during the cold winter months.

They are rubber and foam padded and also contain a hipora and soft polyester lining. Double stitching on all main seams guarantees performance and quality. The palm area of any motorcycle gloves are extremely important and the OroBiker Winter Motorcycle Gloves don’t dissapoint in this important area. It’s constructed from non-slip and wear-resistant microfiber material with silicone gel in the palm that provides a better grip and control for the palm.

Another key area of importance is the knuckle area of the gloves, a hard protective shell protects the knuckles from abrasion injuries.

The gloves also feature a 3M Scotchlite reflective surface which increases safety in the case of low visibility.

Finally, the gloves are touch screen compatible which means you don’t have to remove the gloves in order to use your phone, this provides great convenience.

The key features of the OroBiker Winter Motorcycle Gloves are;

  • Made from high quality leather, polyester and microfiber
  • Thinsulate inner lining
  • Hipora outer lining for waterproofing
  • Non slip palm area
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Hook and loop wrist closure


5. Savior Motorcycle Heated Gloves

Our final pick is the Savior Motorcycle Heated Gloves. These gloves provide exceptional warmth and performance and feature some incredible technological features.

Savior Heated gloves have 3 level setting smart temperature controller which monitor and regulate the temperature of the gloves. They contain 2 x 2200MAH rechargeable Li-lion batteries which can be fully recharged in 2-3 hours. With a rapid heat up time of just 30 seconds, you’ll have your hands warm in no time.

Promoting blood circulation, these gloves keep all parts of your hands warm including the back, fingers and palms. The heated gloves inner is made of soft pearl cotton insulated layer which results in the heat being evenly and rapidly distrubuted.

Rider safety hasn’t beem compromised and the back of the hand area has a carbon fiber protective shell which is designed to protect your hands. Savior heated gloves cover are made of lambskin which is fully waterproof and wind resistant. Whilst being waterproof and warm, they also allow for breathability of the hands. Buckle-style velcro on the cuffs for easy adjustment and superb windrppof properties.

The key features of the Savior Motorcycle Heated Gloves are;

  • Heated gloves
  • Smart temperature controller
  • 2 x 2200MAH rechargeable batteries
  • Rapid warm up time of 30 seconds
  • Carbon fibre protective shell
  • Waterproof
  • 1 year guarantee


Why Are Motorcycle Gloves Important?

Motorcycle gloves are an essential part of any rider’s attire and are a key safety component. In the unfortunate event of falling off a motorbike, a rider’s hands are almost certain to come into contact with road surface so it’s therefore absolutely crucial that the rider has gloves on and that they are also of high quality.

Our hands are an extremely delicate and intricate part of our body with many small bones surrounded soft skin. The impact of falling off a motorcycle without good quality gloves can be catostrophic and extremely painful.

The main function of a motorcycle glove is to take the majority and worst of the impact should a rider come off a motorcycle. After that, they are designed to provide comfort and warmth to the rider and also enhance motorcycle riding with additional grip etc.

Considerations When Buying Motorcycle Gloves

Protection – This is the biggest and most important consideration when purchasing motorcycle gloves. Protecting your hands is of paramount importance whilst riding a motorcycle so it’s really important to keep them protected with a high quality pair of gloves.

Motorcycle gloves offer protection is a range of different ways, one of which being including toughened knuckle protection. Toughened knuckle protection ensures that your knuckles are adequately protected in the event of having an accident. Some gloves may feature a hard protective shell for the knuckle area whilst some may feature re-inforced foam inserts.

Motorcycle gloves also offer protection using carbon fibre on various area of the glove. Carbon fibre is an excellent material for providing protection and is often a feature of more expensive gloves.

Anoter key protection feature of motorcycle gloves is the use of double stitching. A double stitched glove ensures that the glove is extremely strong and less likely to split open at areas which are susceptible to splitting and tearing.

Waterproof – Another hugely important consideration is whether the gloves are waterproof. If you’re only ever planning on riding your motorbike in the summer time it may be less of a concern but if you’re planning on riding all year round, you’ll need to ensure that the gloves are waterproof. Wearing gloves that aren’t waterproof and let water in is a pretty unpleasant experience, best to avoid this at all costs.

Materials – Motorcycle gloves are often constructed from varying materials and it’s important to consider this when purchasing your gloves. Frequently used materials include;

  • Leather
  • Carbon fibre
  • Hipora
  • Kevlar
  • Plastic
  • Microfiber
  • Polyester
  • Thinsulte insulation

Fitment – Whilst it may seem obvious, a really important consideation for any glove is their fitment. This is even more important for motorcycle gloves as your hands directly interface with the controls of the bike. Motorcycle gloves are available in a range of different sizes, be sure to choose the correct size when purchasing. Luckily, most motorcycle gloves will feature adjustable velcro for the wrist area meaning that you can adjust them to fit comfortably.

Versatility – Many motorcycle gloves will offer versatility and offer the ability to be worn for a range of other tasks. For example, you may be able to use the gloves for light repair work, walking or other similar activites. This can be an added bonus and function of the gloves when making your purchase.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Motorcycle Gloves?

Riding a motorcycle without proper motorcycle gloves can be extremely dangerous. The benefits of wearing them whilst riding the motorcycle are;

Protection – Good quality motorcycle gloves will protect your hands whilst riding. If you are involved in an accident and your hands come into contact with the road surface (highly likely), the gloves will protect the delicate bones and skin on your hands. In the event of an accident, the gloves are designed to take the brunt of the impact instead of your hands.

Increased Grip – Motorcycle gloves are designed to provide you with additional and increased grip whilst riding. They do this using specific materials on the palm area of the gloves to promote grip and ensure you’ve got good control of the bike at all times.

Keep Warm – It can be extremely cold riding a bike at times, motorcycle gloves are designed to keep your hands warm whilst travelling. Without gloves, your hands are subjected to extremely forceful and cold winds which could result in losing grip and control of the bike. A good quality pair of gloves will ensure that your hands are warm and comfortable at all times to keep you in control of the bike.

Keep Dry – A good quality pair of motorcycle gloves will keep your hands dry whilst riding in the rain. Wet and cold hands can be extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant, motorcycle gloves will keep your hands dry with the use of materials and technologies such as hipora.

Motorcycle Gloves FAQ’s

Q. How do I measure the size of my hands for glove fitment?

A. You should always measure the circumference of your hand and not include your thumb. This will help you make an informed decision about which size of gloves to go for.

Q. Are all motorcycle gloves waterproof?

A. Unfortunately not no, some cheap gloves will not be waterproof. Whilst most gloves are waterproof, not all are. Be sure to check this before purchasing.

Q. What are windproof gloves?

A. Windproof gloves are gloves which have an outer shell, or inner lining which has been laminated in a material which is waterproof and breathable. Whilst they are construced with waterproof materials, they may not be classed as waterproof unless the seams are sealed.

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