The Best Digital Caliper To Buy (Review and Buying Guide)

Best Digital Caliper

In this review, we take a look at the best digital caliper to buy, explain their uses and assess the diferences between the various models.

Often referred to as a digital vernier caliper, they are an extremely useful addition to any toolbox and can be used for a variety of different tasks. In a nutshell, a digital caliper is an extremely precise instrument which can be used to measure exact distances and measurements. This can be extremely useful for a whole host of different tasks but particularly when working on vehicles.

What is the best digital caliper?

Struggling for time and would like a brief overview of our top picks? No problem.

1. Hanhe Digital Caliper

With a measurement range of 0 – 150mm (6″), the Hanhe digital caliper provides great usability and practicality. A single button allows to quickly change the measurements from mm to inch which is extremely useful. It’s constructed from hardened still which resists corrosion and is extremely strong.

It also features a large LCD screen which is crystal clear and makes it extremely easy to read and understand measurements.

A thumb rolling and locking screw provides easy sliding, accurate positioning and fine adjustment making it extremely easy to work with.

The Hanhe digital caliper is extremely versatile and can be used for measuring internal, external, height and depth which allows it to be used for a range of applications.

Finally, it has an automatic shut off feature which will automatically turn the caliper off after 5 minutes of no use in order to conserve battery life, a really impressive feature.

The key features of the Hanhe Digital Caliper are;

  • Constructed from hardened steel
  • Anti corrosion and rust proof
  • Measurement range of 0 – 150mm (6″)
  • Can be used to measure internal, external, height and depth
  • 5 minute automatic shut off feature

2. Preciva Digital Vernier Caliper

Offering extremely precise and accurate measurements, the Preciva digital vernier caliper offers great performance and value for money. It features a measurement range of 0-6inch to 0-150mm, a resolution of 0.0005in/0.01mm and an accuracy of 0.0005in/0.01mm.

Constructed from hardened steel, it’s rust resistant and impervious to dust and splashes of water.

A high quality LCD screen makes it extremely easy to read measurements and the thumb rolling and locking screw provide easy sliding, accurate positioning and fine adjustment.

Another impressive feature is it’s zero function which allows for measuring differences between measurements, extremely useful and beneficial.

The Preciva digital vernier caliper is portable, lightweight and durable and allows for a range of different measurements and applications.

The key features of the Preciva digital vernier caliper are;

  • Precise and accurate
  • Measurement range of 0-6inch to 0-150mm
  • Resolution of 0.0005in/0.01mm
  • Accuracy of 0.0005in/0.01mm
  • Constructed from hardened steel
  • Lightweight and portable

3. Louisware Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

The Louisware electronic digital verner caliper is constructed from hardended stainless steel and has a measurement range of 0 – 150mm (6″). Impressively, it’ll do mm/inch conversion and also zero setting at any point.

It also features a Reference Caliper setting which will remember the previous position when switched off and also has an auto on / off feature to conserve battery life. Louisware claim the battery will last a whopping 3 years after normal usage, impressive stuff.

Importantly, this caliper has an accuracy of + 0.02 mm/ 0.001 in. (100 – 150 mm).

The key features of the Louisware Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper are;

  • Constructed from hardened stainless steel
  • Large LCD display
  • Measuring Range:0 – 150mm (6″)
  • Resolution: 0.01mm (0.001″)
  • Accuracy: 0.02mm (0.001″)
  • Auto on / off feature

What Is A Digital Caliper?

A digital caliper is a modern, digital version of a caliper which is often referred to as a digital vernier caliper. Technology has evolved at a remarkable rate and now a digital caliper allows for extremely precise and accurate measurements versus older analogue style calipers. The digital screen provides clear and concise information regarding the measurements that’s legible even from distance. Because the LCD displays are so clear, they can be easily read which makes using a digital caliper extremely easy and quick.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Digital Caliper?

Accuracy – One of the biggest benefits of a digital caliper is the level of accuracy that they can provide. Most digital calipers are able to measure up to 0.01 mm (0.0005 inches).

Multiple Measurements – Most digital calipers can differentiate between both metric and imperial measurements and can sometimes offer fractional measurements too. A simple press of one button allows the user to switch between measurement types for ease of use.

Zero Function – Many digital calipers feature a zero button. The zero button allows for measuring differences between measurements and this feature makes calibration much more straight forward than with other types of caliper. To use this feature, simply measure the reference object, press zero then measure the object to be compared. The value displayed will be difference between the two dimensions, a really useful and handy feature.

Computer Connection – Some digital calipers feature the ability to be connected directly which means that the measurement data can then automatically transferred to a spreadsheet or similar rathen than being input manually. This saves time and effort and will significantly increase productivity.

What Can A Digital Caliper Be Used For?

Precise and Accurate Measurements – When working on vehicles, there are times when a ruler or guestimate just won’t do, this is when a digital caliper can be a life saver. It can provide extremely precise and accurate digital measurements which can make all the difference when carrying out a task.

Comparitive Measurements – A digital caliper will allow for you to make comparitive measurements which can be vital. For example this may be useful when drilling a new hole for a set of speakers, switches, wiring etc.

Part Replacements – A great example of this is replacing something like a rubber seal on your car. You may have a tiny rubber seal that’s causing a leak and needs replacement but you’re unsure of it’s exact dimensions and measurement. Rather than going to a main dealer and paying an expensive price for a replacement, a digital caliper allows you to buy a much cheaper third party option as you’ll have the exact measurements that you need to hand. This will save you money and also time.

Considerations When Buying A Digital Caliper

Accuracy – The accuracy of a digital caliper is an extremely important consideration. Whilst pretty much all digital calipers are accurate within a 1/4 of an inch or 1/2 an inch, all digital calipers will vary in their accuracy rating so it’s important to check and consider this when purchasing.

Size – The size and dimensions of a digital caliper are another important consideration when purchasing. You may wish to purchase a small caliper which allows for use in small, confined spaces. Bare in mind that are smaller caliper will not have a large measurement range as featured in bigger models. Consider this carefully when making a purchase.

Cost – As with any purchase, cost is an important factor. If you’re going to be using the caliper heavily and frequently, it may be worth spending a little more cash on a more expensive model. If you’re only going to be using the caliper lightly and rarely, a cheaper model should suffice as long as you check the other important considerations highlighted above.

Digital Caliper FAQ’s

Q. Do digital calipers need batteries?

A. Yes, a digital caliper will require a small battery in order to power the screen and display the measurement data. A battery is usually included in the package and will last a long time as they are very light on power consumption.

Q. Are all digital calipers rust proof?

A. Almost all digital calipers are made from hardened steel which will have an anti rust layer of protection applied to it, but not all. Some digital calipers may be constructed from varying materials which may not resist corrosion.

Q. How do I know If my digital caliper is accurate?

A. This is really simple to test and verify. Simply take something that you know the measurement of (i.e a pipe, a watch, a piece of timber etc) and measure it. The data will tell you how accurate your digital caliper is.

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