Bilt Hamber Auto Foam Review

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam

In this review, we take a look at the highly revered Bilt Hamber Auto Foam. Bilt Hamber have a reputation for producing exceptionally performing products at a relatively low price and Auto Foam is no exception to this. It delivers superb results and hits all the right notes.

Snow foams have soared to prominence over the last few years and can be a bit of a minefield when trying to decide the best one to go for. Let’s take a closer look at Auto Foam and it’s all important key facts.

Who are Bilt-Hamber?

Bilt-Hamber are a UK based company who specialise in producing high quality automotive care products at affordable price points.

They produce a varied spread of products, ranging from Clay bars to waxes and etch primers to shampoos.

Bilt-Hamber pride themselves on using innovative chemistry techniques along with extensive research to produce superb performing products.

What Is It?

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam is a premium quality snow foam which should be used as pre-wash item. Auto Foam is the result of extensive in-house research and years of development. The whole idea and premise behind a snow foam is to remove as much grime from the paintwork as possible at the pre-wash stage. By doing so, this reduces the possibility of imparting scratches and imperfections in the paintwork. A large proportion of scratches and defects are caused improper washing techniques which then require professional rectification to resolve.

Auto Foam is an all new generation premium quality, foaming water-based pre wash treatment, designed to soak and saturate soiled vehicle paintwork prior to the application of vehicle shampoo at the wash stage. Auto-foam is gentle too and is designed for use with all pressure washer foam lances.

Made with biodegradable compounds, is remarkably tough on soil and grime, yet harmless to paint. Its non-caustic formulation ensures that even regular use will not attack paint binders or cause damage to the paintwork. Hard working surfactants will attack and penetrate the hardest of road dirt and grime, without the need for manual intervention which in turn reduce likelyhood of inflicting damage and also make the whole washing process remarkably easy.

Importantly, Auto Foam is wax friendly and safe. This is an important consideration as a lot of snow foams aren’t and therefore will strip any previuosly applied waxes or LSP’s (Last stage protection). If you’ve recently applied a wax or LSP to your vehicle, you wouldn’t want to strip it from the paintwork the following week when washing. Auto Foam won’t strip any waxes yet delivers exceptional cleaning power.

How Do I Use Bilt Hamber Auto Foam?

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam can be used via either a snow foam lance or a foaming sprayer. Our preferred and recommended method of application would be via a snow foam lance connected to a pressure washer. This will yield the best possible performance and results. If you’re in the market for a snow foam lance, we would strongly recommend the Pro-Kleen Snow Foam lance. We think it delivers great performance and a really respectable price point

Alternatively, Auto Foam can be applied via a traditional foaming sprayer. Bear in mind that you won’t see a thick foam as you would when using a snow foam lance and pressure washer, you will however still get similar cleaning performance from the snow foam.

To get started with Bilt Hamber Auto Foam, you’ll first need to give your car a good rinse. Using a pressure washer, thoroughly rinse the entire vehicle. Then, fill up your snow foam lance or foaming sprayer with about an inch of Bilt Hamber Auto Foam. Fill the rest of the bottle with water and begin applying to the vehicle. You’ll want to focus on the lower half of the vehicle as this is where the majority of grime and dirt will be, do ensure that all the vehicle is covered with a blanket of foam too. Begin working from top to bottom applying a generous amount of foam. Once completely applied, you can now allow the foam to dwell on the surface for around 5-8 minutes depeding on outside temperatures. If it’s a warm day outside, you may need to reduce the dwell time to ensure that the foam doesn’t bake onto the paintwork. If this does happen, don’t stress too much, it’s not the end of the world and can be easily removed.

Once you’ve allowed the foam to dwell on the surface for the desired time, you can begin removing thoroughly rinsing the surface with your pressure washer. As you begin removing the foam, you should see the majority of grime and muck coming off the car. This is probably the most satisfying stage of using a snow foam, all of that grime would have previously been dragged across the paintwork had you not used the snow foam. Continue rinsing the vehicle until all of the snow foam has been completely removed. Once removed, you can now begin the contact wash stage with your chosen shampoo and wash mitt safe in the knowledge that you’ve removed and softened the majority of the dirt and grime.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional Cleaning Power
  • Superb Value For Money
  • Wax and LSP Safe
  • Produced By A Trusted British Brand


  • If mixed incorrectly it can be slightly too strong
  • Slightly confusing dillution ratios

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam FAQ

Q. Will Bilt Hamber Auto Foam strip waxes from the paintwork?

A. No, Auto Foam will not strip any waxes from the paintwork when following the recommended dillution ratios.

Q. Is Bilt Hamber Auto Foam enviromentally friendly?

A. Yes, Bilt Hamber Auto Foam is completely biodegradable


If you’re in the market for a snow foam that’s going to deliver superb cleaning power, not strip waxes or other LSP’s and all at a reasonable price point – look no further. The cleaning power of Auto Foam is exceptional and let’s not forget, that’s the primary function of a snow foam. It’s all well and good having a snow foam which looks great and produces thick foam, but it’s pointless if it doesn’t clean the vehicle whilst it’s dwelling. Admittedly, Bilt Hamber Auto Foam doesn’t produce the thickest of foams that we have seen, however it’s cleaning power is second to none and that’s the really important factor here.

It’s simple and straight forward to use if you follow our guide on how to apply and delivers superb results everytime.

Just so you know, we may earn a small commission through the links on this page but we think that’s a fair trade off for the hours research and time that we put in.

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